Nguồn máy tính CSP CS550 Active PFC

690.000 đ

Sản phẩm Nguồn
Hãng sản xuất CSP
Model CS550
Chuẩn nguồn Standard
Công suất danh định 550W
Đầu cấp điện cho main 20+4pins
Đầu cấp điện cho hệ thống 1 x 24(20+4)-pin. 1 x 8(4+4)-pin ATX12V/ESP12V;2 x 6+2 pin PCI-E;2 x SATA;2 x Molex;
Quạt làm mát Fan 12cm
Phụ kiện kèm theo cáp nguồn
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Mô tả sản phẩm

About Packaging

CSP CS550   is equipped with an outstanding Gaming red-tone box, and comes with a fairly quality power cord.




The biggest standout is the Active PFC that comes right before the package, It allows for a wide voltage input range. This makes the Active PFC designed to be more complex and more expensive than conventional power lines for high performance in operation. (0.8)

About Design

The CSP CS550 comes with the ATX12V power standard, and what makes me extremely impressed is that the entire cabling uses flat cables that are normally used only on the high end segment.blank

The frame has a monolithic design that increases the sharpness in the details, The honeycomb-stamped air inlet section feels more elegant and sturdy than other simpler designs.blank

On the back side of the source you can see that the voltage range of the source ranges from 170-230V, using a power switch.


About Capacity

Close to the capacity label, the design of the source is a single rail with a 12V line 37A for a peak input power of up to 444W, which is enough for many computer systems today.


The power supply cord of the CSP CS550 uses a long flat cable, which is comfortable for installing oversized tree sets. Especially with up to 2 6 + 2Pin PCI-E terminals, comfortable to use for many VGA lines requiring up to 16pin

(Recommended use: used for VGA 1660S, 1660, GTX1060, RX580, RX570 … and onwards)

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